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Interactive Dashboard

Our advertising management dashboard provides key information on the performance of your ad inventory space in real-time. At any time, you can evaluate the advertising performance of your website or app and make informed business decisions.

Access is restricted to you only.
We ensure protection of your data.

Core KPIs include:

Total revenue over the period
Breakdown by partner
Breakdown by device
Top countries
Page CPM and Session CPM

We can add any performance metric you feel important to your activity.

Centralized Performance Reports

The dashboard gathers data coming from various sources so that you get instant reporting.
By default, we report on ad revenue but we can easily extend to traffic and SEO metrics.

On demand - Cross Various Sources

If you want to, we can add multiple KPIs to your reports and build a unique control center:

  • Google DFP
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
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