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IDM Audience is a user data, segmentation and profiling engine

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Utilize your audience data for successful programmatic deals and
seize the opportunity to make real-time marketing actions.

Behavioral & Declarative User Data

IDM Audience is easily implemented with a very resource light script added to your website pages (similar to Google Analytics). Associated with questionnaires anytime you wish, it collects anonymously:

Behavioral data: pageviews, time, country, device, clicks on the page
Declarative data: answers to SurveyMonkey questionnaires you define yourself

By associating such data, you get a highly personalized added value segmentation model, meeting your marketing profiles. The system automatically maps in real-time users of your site with the profiles.

Benefits & Instantaneous Actions

Targeted Internal Campaigns

The system spots one of your 'grammar lover', 'shutterbug', 'travel fan' or 'home automation geek'? Use targeted advertising power to reach your targets and serve your internal ad campaigns to the right contact. Conversion is maximal.

Similarly, offer the right coupon or promotion to the right person at the optimal cost for you by addressing the optimal target.

Package your Audience for Programmatic Direct

Profiles come with actual data. We can thus market profiles directly to advertisers and agencies through ad exchanges market places in programmatic direct.

Personalize the Website to Users Needs

You can automatically adapt your content and interface to a user profile so that he engages higher with your asset. For example, modify the final content block of the page based on what the user likes.


How Different from an Analytics?

A web analytics tool like Google Analytics provides retrospective aggregated data, in other words, you get a very good picture of what groups of users did on your website. You do not know what a single user does right now. That's the purpose of IDM Audience which is thus complementary to Analytics, not an equivalent.

In addition, you own your data. Simple as that.


IDM Audience tracks individual users anonymously. The system does not collect or store any personal data like name, email, or phone number. IDM Audience complies with US Data Protection Laws and EU GDPR.

Web & Mobile

Desktop and mobile web compliant. Track users across all devices. We set a first-party domain cookie. The tracker passes blockers.

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