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The combination of mobile web and apps now counts for the majority of online traffic. It is not only a challenge when designing a site but it raises specific ad monetization considerations. There are many potential solutions to help return the highest possible yield on your mobile digital content.

Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a lightweight HTML page format to serve pages in less than 2 seconds on any mobile on the planet. It comes with UX, engagement, analytics and ad serving specifics. Learn how the implementation of AMP technology can help you achieve higher returns!

Responsive Design

A responsive design helps ensure a better viewing experience for end users. Responsive design makes your site look best whatever screen, whatever orientation. We have years of experience, insight and feedback. Follow our patterns and recommandations to make the best out of mobile web!

Mobile App

Consolidate visibility across mobile web and mobile apps. Whether you have an existing app or need a place to start - IDM can deliver the mobile strategy and implementation to achieve your goals.

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Centralize Ad Inventory Management

Inventory is managed at a very fine-grain level across devices and formats to get the best out of each ad unit. However, from the buy side perspective, we manage all your assets as a single inventory desktop & mobile, web & apps, with the same range of tools, so that you capitalize your overall digital presence power and traffic.

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