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Our platform is connected to a vast network of advertisers, delivering the highest possible price for each ad impression, on every market you operate. Managing your ad inventory to the best of your interest is our daily mission.

Advertising Technology and Services

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Full Advertising Management Solution

Advanced Advertising Management

Your content, brand, and product are the foundation of your business. At the start, our specialized data analysis helps define an optimal path to leverage your assets for maximum revenue. Choosing a transparent ad solutions provider with extensive experience helps navigate the fast-changing environment of advertising.

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Ad Operations

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Increasing Competition for Higher Prices

Header Bidding

IDM's easy to implement header bidding solution launches bid requests in parallel to all of our network partners, in real-time. It results in maximum competition between advertisers for each ad impression. Yield is maximized, for all platforms, in all markets.

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Header Bidding solution
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Package your Audience for Targeted Deals

Audience Profiling

Build clusters of users from your platform to close targeted direct deals with agencies and networks, and learn marketing insights. Audience is an anonymous user big data acquisition tool which supports triggered actions based on market data.

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IDM Audience

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A Dashboard for Transparent Analytics

Analytics and Reporting

Our customized dashboard provides real time detailed information on your advertising environment and performance.

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IDM Dashboard

Best Practices

Automated Premium Sales

Programmatic Direct

IDM ad sales team packages your inventory into featured offers available to buyers via open and private auctions, on different exchange platforms. You can trade your own direct deals as well. Complementing the mix, programmatic direct offers high prices. Each deal performance is monitored in our tools to ensure highest possible yield. Buyers are carefully selected to comply with your selling guidelines.

Acknowledged Expertise

Google Channel Partner

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IDM is a Google Channel Partner, recognized for its knowledge of digital advertising and Google products.
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Channel Partnership

Quick. Easy. Seamless.

Straightforward Setup

No setup fee involved. We configure the tools to manage your inventory on all your assets.

Quick & Easy to Implement
Diversity & Compliance Ad formats
No bad ads but Quality Ads

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Ad Operations

We are Content Specialists

We can help you organize, manage and deliver your content to maximize your advertising revenue.
IDM provides tools and solutions to publishers for them to manage and value content througout each step of the content value chain, and publish across media.


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In addition to maximizing yield, we help you grow traffic, increasing your leverage to maximize ad revenue and brand awareness.



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With mobile's increasing market share, we can help build and improve, your site's responsive design, AMP version in addition to launching successful custom apps.



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Manage your XML content with our specialized solutions, from data structured with custom DTDs to TEI and DITA.

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