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Open competition across multiple ad exchanges delivers increased yield. We monetize your inventory with our trusted demand partners globally on all devices.

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With Header Bidding, ad networks compete with one another to display ads on your available ad inventory space.

Ad Tech to Increase Competition

Because you receive multiple bids for the same available ad impression, this helps to increase the final winning bid. Increased competition results in higher prices for your ad inventory. We make this competitive process happen with every available ad impression.


IDM header bidding setup works on all devices, including mobile apps, responsive and AMP sites.
Get the most out of all your platforms!


Our header bidding solution ensures maximum revenue in all territories: Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Oceania. Ad networks compete to enhance value across all markets (even ones you are not traditionally engaged in). Because of IDM's global advertising management experience, you can feel confident that the investments made in your content yield the maximum value.


Optimized Agnostic Wrapper at Your Service

IDM's header bidding solution is a quick, easy and secure implementation. It requires the installation of a single script on your website. Once implemented, behind the scenes, ad networks will begin competing to display ads on your content. Our wrapper is an optimization of Prebid.js.

Representative image of the Header Bidding Contribution to Revenue Growth
* Above is a comparison between two websites' ad yield, one with IDM Header Bidding technology launched in week 6, the other without.

Our network of partners

IDM platform is directly connected with all global major DSPs which allows to source the best ad campaigns, at the highest prices, at scale.


Google DoubleClick
Index Exchange
Oath / AOL
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