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Ad Inventory Management for maximum revenue

IDM's advertising management platform delivers increased revenue for Publishers (from top 1000 to new but growing websites). Whether you need assistance managing your entire ad inventory or just want to incorporate a Header Bidding solution into your existing environment, we can help. Our ad operations team is committed to your success.

Practical & Transparent Operations

No setup fee involved - get started quickly
Google Channel Partner
We configure the tools to manage your inventory (including Google DFP ad server)
Real time transparency and reporting via IDM's client dashboard
Supports multiple currencies
No preferred ad partners - 100% transparent
Increased revenue

The inventory is fully managed through DFP, the industry standard ad server. IDM team ensures constant and smooth delivery of ads, and through our monitoring are able to detect issues as they happen.

IDM is a Google Channel Partner.

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Channel Partnership

What Advantages does it bring?

Quick & Easy

Easy to Implement

Just a single JavaScipt tag to implement in your site or app and off you go! From there, we start serving ads from multiple sources, in the formats you agreed while you monitor performance in real time using IDM's dashboard.

Diversity & Compliance

Ad formats

We support all IAB standard display and video formats across all devices (mobile web, apps and desktop). We provide you with actionable performance insights and recommendations to choose the optimal delivery for your pages and screens.

No bad ads

Quality Ads

We pay great attention to the ads displaying on your site and app. You can manage the filters to keep only the campaigns you want. All IDM sites comply with ads.txt anti-fraud project.

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