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What is DPS?

DPS is a global solution to edit once, and publish many. It empowers editors and publishers to author, review, manage, package, publish and deliver XML and digital assets content at large. DPS brings all the data management methodology, tools and processes you need.
DPS Architecture / Functions
DPS provides full support of the XML and DITA standards, for easy editing and delivering from native XML and WYSIWYG editors, with the highest level of security.
XML + Medias
  • Repository for XML content and associated medias
  • Full support for XML schemas and DTDs
  • Compliance with major data structuring standards like DITA
  • Hyperlinking system across documents and medias
Editing + QA
  • Global editing interface applying to publications, documents and medias
  • Support for XML editing both online and offline
  • Support for editing structured views and wysiwyg views
In & Out APIs
Ingestion + Delivery
  • Open & extensible REST API managing communication with users & data processing
  • REST API providing Content-as-a-Service capabilities
  • Script-writing facility based on Open Source Eclipse and DPS REST API
Access Rights
  • Secured system where users are authenticated, communications are protected by using HTTPS protocol and data are encrypted on hard drives
  • Users authenticated via DPS authentication or via LDAP or SAML or OpenID protocols used by social networks
dps Use Cases


Use cases

Organizations face the need to handle strict editorial processes that enable higher control over the quality
of content and its suitability for diverse and quickly evolving digital delivery channels.

  • Use DPS to streamline the production of text books and school books from editing to typesetting
  • Use DPS to re-purpose legacy content into Learning Objects
  • Use DPS DITA configuration to quickly set up a full value chain for print and digital publishing
Dictionary &
Reference Content
  • Use DPS to handle the entire dictionary publishing value chain (print and digital)
  • Use DPS to administer monolingual and bilingual dictionary databases, thesaurus, corpus systems, quotations
  • Use DPS to ingest/deliver content into and out of reference databases
  • Use DPS to re-purpose legacy content into Technical Forms
  • Use DPS to manage and integrate digital assets such as CALS tables, mathematical and chemical formulas, SVGs, audios, and videos
  • Use DPS to publish and update documentation for interactive online help
idm Services


Discover how IDM can help you go further
Publish faster
  • We can develop custom websites & apps fed straight away from the DPS repository
  • We can transform your data for faster and better integration and reuse
  • We can help you gain a higher productivity thanks to advanced setup & training
Optimize on a
global scale
  • We can ensure the scalability of your operations
  • We can monitor 24/7 your solutions thanks to our international teams
  • We can help you increase your traffic with analytics, SEO & SMO consultancy
Leverage the power
of your brand
  • We can help you upsell your products to a target audience
  • We can maximize the advertising revenue of your website up to 100% of your inventory
  • We offer you the efficiency and trust of the #1 worldwide ad network for learners of English

About idm


About us

IDM is the editor of the DPS (Digital Publishing System) and is a renowned expert in data management, specialized in the publishing industry, founded in 1994.

IDM serves publishers and agencies, businesses and non-profits, in the academic and educational publishing fields, and beyond. Our team of expert engineers support you with the most innovative technologies and practices, wherever you are.

Benefits of working with idm

The same passion
 We have nurtured a passion for publishing and content for 20 years.
It is in our DNA. We can serve you better and faster thanks to a deep
understanding of the market and the ability to anticipate and react to change.
Reliable &
global team
Our experts are at the forefront of advanced technologies and can help to significantly streamline your daily operations. We monitor your solutions 24/7 on a global scale. We have a presence in the USA, Europe and China.
of scale
We host your solutions in the cloud to secure the scalability of your operations and control your costs.
A track record of
success and trust
From academic institutions to global corporations, thousands of authors and contributors rely on our tools on a daily basis to create and manage content efficiently. We help our clients to reinvent their strategies in order to make the most of the new digital landscape, through online advertising, data licensing, and much more.
Your data has greater impact when served under your brand within a global network. We are already the #1 worldwide network for learners of English. We keep expanding to new languages, helping publishers reach new regions and cultures. Our global reach is praised by media buyers for its wide audience.
Together, a partnership for success
Let's give shape to your ideas, get more from your data and reach new markets now!
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