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As learners seek content in a variety of formats: print, ebook, apps, learning portals, educational publishers must convert their content to a single-source dedicated XML architecture (such as DITA) that supports multi-channel content delivery.

  • Use DPS to streamline the production of text books and school books from editing to typesetting

  • Use DPS to re-purpose legacy content into Learning Objects

  • Use DPS DITA configuration to quickly set up a full value chain for print and digital publishing

  • Use DPS to feed Learning Management Systems

  • Use DPS DITA configuration to produce standardized digital products such as eBooks and Mobile Apps

  • Use DPS to make educational content interactive through DITA Open ToolKit

  • Use DPS to extract glossaries from a dictionary database and use them for educational content such as text books

  • Use DPS DITA Open Toolkit to create EDUPUB, EPUB3, KF8, MOBI, HTML5)

Dictionary & Reference

Dictionaries and reference content involve complex data and various teams of lexicographers, editors, project management, with contributors spread geographically.

  • Use DPS to handle the entire dictionary publishing value chain (print and digital)

  • Use DPS to administer monolingual and bilingual dictionary databases, thesaurus, corpus systems, quotations

  • Use DPS to ingest/deliver content into and out of reference databases

  • Use DPS to manage the work of internal and external lexicographers and editors

  • Use DPS to proofread and sign off release candidates for typesetting and web publishing

  • Use DPS to produce incremental quick updates of dictionary websites

  • Use DPS to compose web and mobile pages by aggregating content from several content resources

  • Use DPS for advanced data tagging for SEO

  • Use DPS to facilitate generation of Facebook Instant Pages and Google AMP content

Technical Documentation

Technical writers produce a reusable content independent of a particular presentation, seeing beyond a linear or sequential presentation of their work.

  • Use DPS to re-purpose legacy content into Technical Forms

  • Use DPS to manage and integrate digital assets such as CALS tables, mathematical and chemical formulas, SVGs, audios, and videos

  • Use DPS to publish and update documentation for interactive online help

  • Use DPS to assemble and proofread responsive and adaptive websites supporting smartphones, tablets, and desktops

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