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    While DPS offers right out-of-the-box a complete set of features, we may still customize or integrate them with other systems
idm Services to Customize

A full set of possibilities

We could for instance perform advanced transformation of your data, train your team, (re)develop your apps and websites to enter new markets. Discover how we can help you on an "agile" and "scalable" way.

We can help you to transform and integrate your content safer and faster, or
(re)develop the digital channels on which you distribute your content.

  • XML integration and customization
  • IDM has been helping clients for years with their XML based content, from data structured with custom DTDs to TEI and DITA. We possess the experience and technologies to provide solutions which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions enable you to create, edit and publish your XML content with customized workflows and output.
  • Data conversion and consulting
  • Over the years, IDM has developed a reputation for converting data into useable formats. We work with complex data every day and can help you in organizing your data to suit your current and future goals. IDM’s data transformation services will assist you in bringing new life to your data.
  • Customized websites & apps
  • We develop websites and apps which can be the recipient of content you want to deliver to your audience on its preferred channel, based on geolocation and language for example.
  • Advanced setup & training for higher productivity
  • Our training and configuration services can enhance your productivity through optimizing your current environment and delivering new insights and advancements.
idm Services to Optimize

Concentrate on your core business while relying on us for controlling
your costs monitoring your software infrastructure.

  • Reliable and global team
  • We monitor your solutions 24/7 on a global scale, delivering them from every continent in which you operate for better performance.
  • Economies of scale
  • As we host your solutions in the cloud, we secure and ensure the scalability of your operations and control your costs.
  • Metadata and Records management
  • We know records and metadata. From Dublin Core to OAI and customized solutions, IDM has worked with many prominent institutions and companies on providing complete solutions for managing and displaying their content.
idm Services to Monetize

Transform the traffic to your website in additional revenues.

  • Monetize your inventory
  • Monetizing your content through ads can be a difficult and sometimes confusing environment to navigate. Fortunately it is an area we are very familiar with and can help you maximize the returns on your investments made in producing your content.
  • Upsell products
  • Your products appear on your website to the right audience, in the right region and at the right time.
  • Join a global network
  • IDM has developed the largest network of reference publishers through its key ad management strategies. We offer your brand and website a stronger visibility on the market.
Reach over 25 million visitors monthly
Our partners are prestigious publishing houses such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan Education, Pons and Pearson Education.

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